Sherco 300 SEFR Racing 4 Stroke

Packing a serious punch in a velvet glove, the 300 SEF-R is the mid-size four-stroke that can do it all. So easy to ride it’s almost like cheating.

In stock now, please call in to view it.

Revised frame with more flex and 400gram weight reduction

– New triple clamps with 90gram weight reduction

– Reinforced rear wheel hub

– New MY19 graphics

– Reinforced rear fender

– New regulator

– 48mm WP Xplor fork

– New intake and exhaust cam profile for improved low-end torque and high-end power

– New intake and exhaust valves for more torque at high RPM

– New injection mapping

– New clutch basket for less inertia and 90gram weight reduction