Sling Fast Lift Strap for Enduro Motorcycles White/Red

Never get left struggling to get your bike out of the ditch.

  • Sling Fast Lift Strap MAXIMUM SAFETY: The main feature of SLING FAST is SAFETY. This accessory allows you to easily pull the stuck motorcycle out of danger from a safe distance (1.3m). It’s central mounting position ensures the rider is not dragged off balance. Those helping do not have to handle the motorbike directly, avoiding burns and getting tangled in the motorbike’s moving parts.
  • QUICK TO USE. In a second you have a easy to use sling (tow and pull bar) 1.30 meters away from the bike, fixed firmly and centered on the bike allowing you to get it out of trouble much faster than doing it in the conventional manhandling way.
  • PRACTICAL AND LIGHT. The SLING FAST does not interfere with the handling of the bike since it weighs just 550 grams. You will not notice that you have it until you need it. Mounting it on your motorbike takes just 2 minutes as it is easily fixed to the top of the forks with two screws.
  • ALWAYS READY TO USE. Fit it and forget it! Once mounted on your motorcycle you don’t have to worry, if you get stuck, just pull the sling and you’re ready.

Colour: White/Red.