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BETA RR 200 2T 2021


BETA RR 200 2T 2021

The chassis set-up and engine derived from its smaller sibling, ensuring it is extremely light weight and excellent handling but with decidedly greater torque and power. The Beta RR 200 engine loves to be ridden high in the rev range yet still has plenty of torque and power for the most challenging terrain. Perfect for tight, technical single track.

Oil injection and an electric starter complete the package which is perfect for Beta RR lovers and Enduro enthusiasts.

ADR and LAMS compliant in all Australian states and territories.


BETA RR 200 2T 2021


This was no simple redesign of the previous generation, the current model represents the second year of a completely new generation of enduro motorcycles within the Beta RR range.

Beta has reinterpreted the off-road experience, with a slim, lightweight bike that is safe, reliable, and easy to ride while creating a riding experience like no other manufacturer can provide.

All this to bring together the best aesthetics, ergonomics and engines in order to make the new Beta RR MY 2021 a motorcycle capable of providing the rider with an experience that you will feel passionate about.


  • New bright red colouring and graphics.
  • Updated speedometer giving better reliability and precision.
  • Updated tank cover cap for improved mounting.
  • Renewed seat improved on both the base plate and the foam – now providing better support for a more comfortable ride.

The design aspect that defined the start of this new generation deserves a special mention, as the superstructure, tailpiece, seat and a myriad of other details were all brand-new. This carries on for the MY2021, and includes;

  • Completely new superstructure (front cowl, front and rear fenders, ducts and fairings) that improves ergonomics and the operation of all related parts retaining the Italian design Beta is known for.
  • Front fender with variable thickness geometry which reduces weight and increases rigidity.
  • Techno-polymer tailpiece and attachments.
  • Handlebar protector.
  • Redesigned skid plate.
  • Rear light and license plate bracket with integrated handles.
  • Frame protectors.


New frame with redesigned geometry and rigidity for increased agility and stability. Weight is reduced and reliability boosted with the use of precision-cast components, while comfort is improved, and vibration reduced thanks to new head bolts. The frame is also narrower at the base which improves handling over difficult sections and typical off-road tracks.

  • Updated chassis in the steering head area and in the reinforced plates for improved feel and durability. The accessories supplied have been modified to provide better protection against wear.
  • Improved rear subframe, more robust and durable, all filter box components and related accessories are housed inside it.
  • New side-panel mounting, for easier installation.
  • Optimization of the air filter box for improved waterproofing; new mounting in the filter inspection side panel for a more practical use.
  • Upgrade of numerous internal components of the ZF fork, to further improve fluidity and reliability, with a lowered inner cartridge to improve the centre of gravity providing the perfect level of plushness while also improving the action of square-edge impacts.
  • New shock absorber setting to increase traction.
  • 9.5 L large capacity fuel tanks for 2- strokes. Besides providing excellent range, the fuel tank provides class leading ergonomics and ease-of-movement on the seat.
  • Wide handlebars for greater control.
  • Side stand with a bigger foot.
  • Precision-cast footpegs that help shed mud and increase boot grip.
  • Robust brake pedal with larger bearings.


The Beta philosophy is to make sure each engine size has its own distinct personality to meet the specific needs of every enduro rider. For 2021;

  • New electrical system with improved charging efficiency.

Engine improvements carried over from MY 2020 are:

  • Cooling system with water hoses placed inside the frame and more efficient radiators. This improves heat transfer and allows the engine to operate at lower temperatures even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Exhaust layout in line with the bike’s new rear section.
  • Improved silencer protector.
  • Double piston rings designed to ensure high rigidity and reliability.
  • Beta progressive power valve.
  • Crankshaft with polyamide inserts favours lightness and ensures optimum filling of the crankcase, boosting performance and reliability.
  • Cylinder has an exhaust flange system as on the bigger engines, enabling better control of frontal piston-flap-cylinder play. By keeping this value to a minimum, it is possible to achieve a significant low-rev performance boost by reducing gas leakage
  • Aluminum cylinder head dome. Rigid and lightweight solution made possible by shifting the engine mount on to the cylinder. The geometry of the combustion chamber is designed to ensure a high-efficiency thermodynamic cycle and obtain the best compromise between responsiveness at low-to-medium revs and during spurts. It also facilitates fine tuning and replacement of the combustion chamber
  • Die-cast crankcase in aluminum alloy. The casing geometries were designed according to an innovative layout in terms of the relative position of components and with a view to maximum weight reduction without compromising structural strength. Considerable attention was focused on the main bearing area to ensure correct wall rigidity in order to withstand the stresses transmitted by the crankshaft
  • Die-cast crankcase covers in magnesium alloy ensures very low weight and optimal surface finish. It also proved possible to adopt this solution for the inner clutch cover thanks to isolation of the water pump from this element.
  • Vforce4 reed valve. The stoppers ensure high reliability without compromising performance.
  • 6-speed dog-box transmission specially developed for small Beta engines with gears made from forged blanks to provide mechanical strength and reliability while still keeping size and weight extremely low.
  • Multi-disc clutch in oil bath with reverse opening, actuator integrated into the outer cover. This is a system designed for maximum engine lightness and compactness. Thanks to low-slung positioning, it ensures reduction of power unit size and a significant centralization of weight, crucial for good chassis dynamics.
  • Exhaust system design to optimize the 2-stroke engine’s torque and power curves.