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What Y Combinator’s Latest Generative AI Landscape Map Says

The landscape of generative AI landscape reports Medium There is a wide range of emerging focus areas in the generative AI space, which we’ve mapped here. Among these, companies developing generative interfaces — which include productivity & knowledge management, general search, and AI assistants — have received the most funding, raising $2.7B in equity funding […]

The #1 Hotel Chatbot in 2023: boost direct bookings

Best AI Hotel Chatbot for Improved Guest Experience & Service A healthy mixture of personalized suggestions and problem-solving by chatbots boosts customer engagement. There is even a provision to reroute queries when the guest specifically requests for a response from a live receptionist. A major benefit of chatbots is that at any given time, they […]

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Language Processing NLP

Biggest Open Problems in Natural Language Processing by Sciforce Sciforce CircleCI provides several CI/CD features to improve the security and compliance of your application. You can control access to the pipeline using a role-based credential system with OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication tokens, enabling fine-grained management of user access to each step within the pipeline. Additionally, […]