Betamotor prize list is enriched with three further world titles: E3 category thanks to Brad Freeman, E2 and GP with Steve Holcombe.

The two riders got the first place in their respective categories already on Saturday, when they both won the race day and conquered the world title as the absolute stars.

Still on Saturday, Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe fought for the first place in the Enduro GP, battling until the very last. At the end of the first race day, Brad Freeman managed to overtake Steve Holcombe in the last special, with an incredible timing. At the end of Day One, there are only four points between them.

On the following day, a strong downpour fell on the town of Marco de Canaveses, making the three specials almost impracticable. Brad Freeman started immediately with the right mindset, making the best timings in many specials and leading the entire race day. Unfortunately, he ran out of gas during the very last special, losing his advantage. A deep disappointment for him, but with the certainty of having been the fastest on the field, being sure that he will make up for it as soon as possible.

Steve Holcombe has therefore won the Enduro GP World Championship 2020. With this achievement, he has become the first rider to win the E3 and the Enduro GP with a Beta 2-stroke, and to now win both the E2 and the Enduro GP with a Beta 4-stroke.

Beta Factory Team congratulates both riders on the racing season and the titles won.


“The past season was troubled, but I’ve worked hard to get back on track and be competitive. These two victories are the results of sacrificies, hard training, and a special team.”

“I have no words to express my disappointment. Unfortunately, racing means also this: sometimes you win at the last special as on Day One, and sometimes you lose a title, just as happened with the last special.”